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We are big believers in looking after our horses health they perform great acts of athleticism for us and their well being is of the upmost importance.

With many years research, we have a great range of specialists who are proven in their respective fields of expertise. Fairview have appointed Vets, Farrier, Equine Dentist, Equine Neurologist Specialist & Equine McTimoney Specialist, Sports Massage Therapist and an excellent Nutritionist. Although we offer these specialists to all of our liveries you are welcome to use other known professionals.

Our fields are cleared daily, soil tested annually, seeded and properly rested to ensure great grazing all year round.
Adapted from the Paddock Paradise book our 500m "track" encourages movement and more natural herd behaviour.  A fantastic system if your horse is going through rehabilitation where movement/turn out has been prescribed, or, if they are transitioning to barefoot and of course its very laminitic friendly!   Many rehab successes are coming out of Rockley Farm in Exmoor where they are using the same barefoot/tracksystem as a way to rehabilitate horses from navicular, laminitis, tendon injuries, de-nerving, ligament damage etc.

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